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Microbiome Therapy

What if everything you are experiencing came down to one thing? What if that one thing had absolutely nothing to do with you, but instead trillions of amazing little critters that live in side of you? Our microbiome is the most important part of our being. We are only about 10% human genes and the other 90% are our microbiome which is comprised of bacteria, viruses, and yeast. 

These bacteria are responsible for our health and wellbeing and the unfortunate thing is, we have not treated them well and the majority of the population has a highly depleted microbiome. 

The number of diseases and illness that have been attributed to this depletion in recent years is astonishing and sad, but also exciting as we are able to look at health from a whole new perspective. 

Are you ready to heal? 

The BiomeFX test allows us to get to the bottom of your specific dysbiosis and the healing that can come from this is priceless. 

Cost: $500

Transpersonal Peer Counseling
and Reflective Therapy

This amazing form of mentorship simply offers you a new perspective to challenges you may be facing in life. It assists you in not only opening new doors, but it also gives you the confidence to walk through them.
Techniques included in a session include but are not limited to; talk therapy, coaching, spiritual guidance, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP),
hypnosis, and psychic and intuitive channeling.

Cost: $115



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Human Design simply put, is a beautiful collection of modalities from all around world that highlights the essence of your being and how you can best utilize your specific energetic form to live a more authentic life filled with flow and ease.

Human Design uses modern and ancient sciences from different parts of the world such as Astrology, I-Ching, Quantum Physics, Kabbalah, and the Chakra System to formulate a complex diagram of your very unique and specific design. 

With a Human Design reading, you will tap into your body’s consciousness and learn to utilize it as a decision making tool. 

A Human Design reading will guide you to who you are on a subconscious level and who you can show up as in this world. It can show you how to communicate with others better based off of your design and theirs, what career path would best suit your design, what has held you back in life, what foods are best for you, how to utilize your energy to succeed in life and how your energy may be drained by certain paths you are on. These are just to name a few. It simply offers you a chance to live life in the flow rather than constantly being in resistance and hitting walls. 

It is a phenomenal tool to use individually, with family members (especially with children), and with businesses. When you understand the design of everyone involved, it allows you to know where the strengths and weakness are in each person and gives everyone the chance to move into their most aligned energy within their position. 

Cost: ($100-$250)
Are you ready to choose a new direction?

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