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Expertise Areas

Microbiome Therapy

Assisting clients world wide by analyzing their microbiome which has been linked to numerous diseases and illnesses including but not limited to: Depression/mental disorders, digestive diseases, MS, food intolerances/allergies, diabetes, and so much more.

Psychic and Intuitive Mentorship and Coaching

Helping others navigate their journey through intuitive counseling and coaching. Expert areas include: Greif, abandonment/neglect, gender/sexuality, alcohol/drug addiction, relationship dynamics (romantic, platonic, familial), PTSD, career advancement and so much more.

Human Design Analysis

Diving deeply and intuitively into clients Human Design charts to assist them in understanding their motives in life and to move forward in ways that are in alignment with their true nature.

The best of our services


Transpersonal Counseling and Coaching ($115)

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While talk therapy is great for processing information, you can’t actually move forward in a new direction without tools and an understanding of where you want to go. It is important to understand where you have been, but it’s just as important to know where you are going. This session is also intuitively and psychically guided. 


Microbiome Therapy/Functional Medicine - ($500-$2,000)

Have you been sick for years? Decades? Or maybe just long enough to know something drastic needs to change Functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of all illness and transform your health via physical, mental, emotional, social, and energetic means.


Human Design Analysis- ($100-$250)

Human Design simply put, is a beautiful collection of modalities from all around the world that highlights the essence of your being and how you can best utilize your specific energetic form to live a more authentic life filled with flow and ease.



Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Master

Linn Rivers is a world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner. While she has an amazing educational background, it is her journey that has made her one of the most successful healers in the world. Finding someone who has the educational piece is easy, but finding someone who has walked a very difficult journey, navigated it, learned from it, and is now sharing it so others may overcome seemingly insurmountable situations, is difficult to find. Linn Rivers is a born Psychic/Intuitive who was working on acupuncture points far before she knew what acupuncture was and was talking about the 4th dimension before ever hearing anything about it. 


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What People Say About Linn

Linn, you are an amazing and gifted healer! I am so grateful the Universe led me to you. My human Design Reading was everything I needed to hear and was a confirmation of what I knew in my heart. Thanks to you, I’ve learned the importance of surrendering to the Universe! Seek balance, wait before responding to anything or anyone that comes my way, and above all, always be my authentic self. Once again, thank you and you can be sure I will be scheduling more readings in the not too distant future. Thank you and may your light go forth sending healing rays to all who come in contact with you.
Bedeyah H.
I cannot speak more highly of Linn. I was baffled by her wisdom considering I am in my 60’s and she was able to help me navigate something immensely challenging because she went through it in her 20’s. I originally started working with Linn through massage and it naturally transformed into counseling and coaching. What she did for my body was also just as magical. I am literally a completely different person because of her and I can genuinely say I have never met anyone like her. There are people who train to be healers and want to be healers, and there are people who are simply natural born healers. She is undoubtedly a new age shaman and I am so thankful I was aligned to meet with her.
Jessie K.
My first interaction with Linn was not a professional setting. We were in the same class for Eastern Medicine, and I was going through so many things at that point in life and Linn simply said a few things to me that shifted my perspective on everything. I suddenly realized a lot of things I was carrying and that I needed to let go of, and when I started actually working with Linn more regularly, my life transformed within days! To give an example, I was in a financial crunch, and Linn tapped into my energy field immediately without me telling her anything about what was going on, and she told me what I needed to do. I did not hesitate because I had never felt such healing and confident energy coming from someone. Not even a week later, I was gifted two large grants totaling over $10,000 allowing me to finish my program that I was about to exit. There were so many other transformations that took place too and I will be forever grateful.
Sara J.
My name is Eric and I am not someone who believed in energy healing per say. I am a big guy and I was looking for someone who would be ok with giving me a deep tissue massage. I found Linn at my chiropractor's office at the time and she was definitely up for the challenge. I very much loved the massage and felt a big difference in pain levels after seeing her, but I knew there was something more to it than the massage but I couldn’t understand it. I had never been so relaxed in my life and I had a very, very hard time sleeping. My health was not doing well. Linn was unable to continue doing deep tissue due to an injury at the time but I asked them to schedule me with her anyways because I had never felt so at peace. Linn literally just placed her hands on my back that next session and within minutes, I was in a deep sleep. I am sure the clinic didn’t appreciate my snoring, but her energy was just so healing. Many things started changing in my life after seeing her, and I know it has something to do with her even if I am never able to explain it.
Eric M
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